Design & Budgets

Large scale mockup

Large scale mockup

The EWS management team has over 100 years of experience with building enclosure systems including both domestic and international purchase, delivery and fabrication of specialty metals and component systems.  

As one of the nations’ largest ACM material purchasers, EWS and our affiliate companies have unprecedented access to a host of specialty metals suppliers across North America and Europe.  We maintain strategic partnerships with a variety of cladding and enclosure system providers and can help determine the best innovative and code-compliant enclosure system(s) for projects of all sizes.  

This capability allows us to provide the Design Team and the Owner with budget options on material quickly, so that decisions can be made to allow the project design to move forward in a timely manner and stay on the critical path.  

With in-house control the fabrication process we provide the Owner and the Design Team with mock up shapes and panels prior to committing to the final design. The secondary support system required by the panel system would be developed and engineered by EWS and fabricated on our equipment which allows us to maintain quality control throughout the manufacturing process. By using a custom fabrication system we can advise the Design Team as to how to maximize the selected materials both from a fabrication and erection stand point thereby giving the Owner the best use of dollars allocated to the building exterior.

Let EWS put our estimating and engineering departments to work for you to help determine the best enclosure systems for your next project.  Click here to contact us for more information.